Richly coated with the finest ingredients


Richly coated with the finest ingredients, popped and hand-crafted in small batches and packaged fresh and hot, bursting with rich flavors creating a scrumptious mouth-watering taste.

Did you fill the popcorn bowl?

Recently my mom, who will be 90 on Christmas Eve of this year, moved from Pennsylvania to live with us in Kentucky. She has lived a very sheltered life by the fact that she has really never spent any significant amount of time out of that little town. I sell your #53 caramel corn in my hospital gift shop and took a package home to the woman who has loved popcorn, and has fond memories about eating it with her father, all of her life. But she cannot ever remember having caramel corn. So thinking I was going to give her a special treat has turned her into a caramel corn monster! She is eating 4 bags of it a week and that is with us monitoring the amount she gets in her bowl each time. Most people get a good bye, I love you as you are leaving for work, not her, the last thing she says as I walk out the door is "did you fill the popcorn bowl"

Debbie Skaggs, Gift Shop Manager, Baptist Health Louisville