Jody's Caramel Corn Bulk Box - 2 Sizes
Small approx. 125 cups | Large approx. 250 cups

Jody's Signature Recipe 53 Caramel Corn in a Bulk Box offered in 2 sizes. Perfect for Large Events, Parties, Movie Screenings, Popcorn Bars, and more! #1 Best Selling Flavor!

Jody's Recipe 53 Caramel Corn:
• Gluten Free
• Preservative Free
• Kosher Certified
• Made with Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels
• Made in USA
• No Trans Fat
• 100% Freshness Guaranteed!
• Small approx. 125 Cups
• Large approx. 250 Cups

Availability: In Stock

53 tries! Yes, you read that correctly. Jody's sweet and slightly salty secret caramel recipe took 53 tries to concoct perfection! In fact, Jody's Caramel Popcorn is our family's first and #1 selling flavor! Our all natural Caramel Corn is made with the finest ingredients including REAL vanilla & butter and hand-crafted in small batches by Jody's dedicated Team Members. Very few things in life don't have room for improvement; our Caramel Popcorn is one of them.

Jody's Bulk Popcorn packaged in a 125 cup or 250 cup box-- Great For Parties, Corporate Events, or Popcorn or Desert Bars. Richly Coated, All Natural, Gluten Free, and Preservative Free, Made with Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels, Made in USA.

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