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A Popcorn Bar is an incredibly popular trend in wedding planning. Whether your bridal affair will be formal or rustic, popcorn is one food which may be dressed up or down with easy and much-loved presentation. A Popcorn Bar is usually the most crowded and frequented table at wedding receptions, engagement parties and other events.

To fill containers on the Popcorn Bar itself, use our convenient and highly economical bulk purchase options for all of our flavors.

To add formality to the Popcorn Bar table, as gifts for attendees, or to simply make guest take-away of the snack easier, provide wedding labeled bags of Jody's Popcorn using our pre-formatted options, below. Simply choose your style, provide the customization details and pick your flavors.

Of course, you can always design and customize your own label completely, if you prefer.

Whichever method you choose, Jody's Popcorn will be the most beloved attraction at your wedding, shower, reception or other affair - besides you, of course!

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