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Everyone loves Jody's Popcorn. A Popcorn Bar at your Sweet 16 event is made so much more yummy with our gourmet flavors. Our popcorn is great for snacking and suits the diet of so many guests. Whether your friends are vegetarian, need gluten free, must have kosher cuisine or are just very picky, Jody's Popcorn pleases.

For guest favors, gift bag inclusions, table presentations, general serving or even party announcements, use our predesigned Sweet 16 label options, below. Let everyone know it is your special day and wow them with your branding and Jody's great flavor.
Simply select one of our label options below, provide your details and select your flavors. Voila! You will receive the best dressed Sweet 16 popcorn available.

If you want to get even more creative and personalized, use our custom label process to develop your own popcorn bag labels from text, photographs and other images. You can also purchase bulk popcorn quantities of all of our flavors to fill your own containers at a much lower cost.
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