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Cheesy Jalapeno Popcorn

Spice up your life with Jody's unique and addicting white cheddar Cheesy Jalapeño Popcorn; the perfect balance of opposites. Take your taste buds on a journey you will never forget through a blaze of savory seasonings. You won't know what hit you, but it's sure to leave you wanting more!

Jody's Cheesy Jalapeño Popcorn
NET WT 2.5 oz | approx. 4 cups

Jody's Cheesy Jalapeño Popcorn Packaged in a CLEAR bag -- Top Selling Flavor!

Jody's Cheesy Jalapeño Popcorn: 
• Gluten Free
• Kosher Certified
• Made with Non-GMO Popcorn Kernels
• Made in USA
• No Trans Fat
• 100% Freshness Guaranteed!
• NET WT 2.5 oz

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$ 24.95

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