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It is the biggest event of your life so far and you are ready to celebrate! What better way to provide guests with kosher, gluten free and yummy appetizers, than to serve Jody's Popcorn?

Bulk popcorn makes a great option for filling those Popcorn Bar sampler containers or decorative cups. It is an economical and crowd-pleasing option for all of your guests young, old and even those with special nutritional considerations.

You can even custom label your popcorn as party favors, individual servings at the event or for table placement. Jody's Popcorn offers a variety of Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah themed labels ready for addition of your name and special date!

If you prefer to make your own label, you may do that using our custom label process.

Select one of our label options, select your flavor and get ready to party!


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