Why Do We Eat Popcorn at the Movies?

For as long as you may remember, popcorn has been a movie theater staple. Even today, with all of the extra candy, nachos, and meals, it is hard to resist getting that traditional buttery popcorn and soda.

Interestingly enough, popcorn used to be PROHIBITED in movie theaters! This is because movie theaters were trying to replicate the fancy environment that regular theaters offered, and that buttery, crumbly snack could make a mess. However, once films added sound in 1927 and the Great Depression hit, popcorn was a no-brainer– It was affordable and appealed to the masses.

Theaters gave “lobby privileges” to vendors who wanted to sell their popcorn. But by the 1930s, theater sales were plummeting, so they cut out the middle man and began serving their own popcorn!

To strengthen the marriage between popcorn and movies even more, WWII’s shortages hurt competing snacks that were sugar-based, like candy and soda.

Today, demand for movie theater popcorn has decreased as people can watch both TV and movies from their  homes. However, popcorn is still a favorite at fairs, sports games, and theaters. And, of course, nothing’s wrong with eating our salty, buttery Movie Style Popcorn at home!!

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