Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet!

Trick or treating comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of giving out treats and food to placate spirits. A sacred festival marked the end of the Celtic calendar year. It’s two main colors are orange and black.

Orange symbolized strength and endurance. It also stands for harvest and autumn.

Black symbolized death and darkness.

While Halloween can be estimated to be 6000 years old, the first mention of trick or treating in North America was in 1927 in Canada! In less than a century, this holiday has grown to be the second highest commercial grossing holiday. In 2015, consumer spending was $6.9 billion!!

With all of the goblins, ghosts, witches and wizards, it is easy to see how our culture is so swept up in the Halloween hype! Celebrate this year by dressing up as your favorite character or finding your new favorite candy (or popcorn flavor)!

For whatever you’re craving –sweet, salty, or even chocolate peanut butter– come see us at Jody’s Popcorn. We also have Halloween packs that are perfect for parties! 

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