National Read Across America!

It's Read Across America Day AND Dr. Seuss's Birthday! 

To celebrate, we want to share our FAVORITE popcorn books. There's nothing better than a good book and some tasty Jody's popcorn. 

Jody's Top 4 Popcorn Books

1. The Popcorn Book | By Tomie DePaola

First published in 1978, this book has endured through more than 25 years as a favorite of kids, teachers and parents. Tomie DePaola is a much-loved author who provides fun facts about popcorn and even shows kids how to pop some at home. 

The primary characters in DePaola's book are twin boys who have a hunger for both the snack and learning. The text explores Native American discovery of popcorn and how the natives used the food to forge peace with colonists. It explains how popcorn is grown and its uses in a manner that entertains.

2. Corn Is Maize: The Gift of the Indians | By Aliki

Aliki's engaging book from 1986 describes how Native Americans discovered corn and farmed it thousands of years ago. The author details how corn became revered throughout the world and its importance as a food. A glimpse into the life cycle of the plant from seed to a multitude of products is also provided.

This book is a great accompaniment for a gift of several bags of popcorn or even a Jody's tin. While munching on popcorn and reading, kids can learn about the diverse uses of corn while looking at beautiful images by the author. Elementary school students can read the story on their own and younger counterparts can enjoying learning while a parent reads aloud.

3. Popcorn! | By Elaine Landau

Beyond its lovely cover, this book provides a glimpse into the history, origins, nutrition and recipes of popcorn. Very similar to the exploration of the snack's heritage in The Popcorn Book, this one is a great presentation with fun cartoon imagery. Fun facts are interesting and easy to read for both adults and children, making it a great book to explore as a family while digging into a big bowl of Jody's Popcorn.

4. Popcorn, A Frank Asch Bear Book | By Frank Asch

Watch online now!

This adorable story and colorful book is written from the perspective of a young bear named Sam. Sam is having a Halloween party with friends and popcorn is on the menu. Frank Asch's book is one of our absolute favorites. It depicts a fun scenario which goes well with some delicious popcorn from Jody's.

One of our favorite aspects of this book is that it is available online, in an illustrated edition read aloud by the author himself. If you already have your Jody's Popcorn snack on hand, simply snuggle up against your child, position the bag of Recipe 53 Caramel, Double Cheddar, Kettle Corn or other flavor where you can both reach it, and watch Sam as he goes on his own popcorn adventure.

The story is short and sweet. Be prepared to watch this one more than once, as everyone loves the story!

Watch online now or buy the book on the web and in stores.


Do you have favorite children's bedtime stories, learning guides or books which go great with Jody's Popcorn? Tell us what they are in the comments section and you may end up with a surprise from Jody's in your email inbox!


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