The story of Purim takes place during 4th century BCE when the Persian Empire ruled most of the world. Unbeknownst to the king of the Persian Empire, the newly wed queen was a Jewish girl named Esther. When the Prime Minister Haman sought to destroy the Jewish people, Esther revealed her Jewish identity to the King in order to protect her cousin Mordechai, leader of the Jewish people. The King had Haman hanged and granted the Jews the right to defend themselves.

On Purim, it is tradition to dress up in fun costumes, attend synagogue, and give to the needy. Special emphasis is given on the importance of friendship and community during Purim and gifts typically consisting of sweet foods and beverages are often given to friends. There is no better gift than a bag of your friend’s favorite popcorn, so make sure to swing by Jody’s and celebrate!

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