Pop-Corn Quiz: Johnny Popcorn-Seed

You likely learned about Johnny Appleseed in grammar school. Johnny liked to plant apple trees and became widely known as Johnny Appleseed, because of this hobby.

First Lady Ladybird Johnson loved wildflowers. She co-authored a book about them and is largely responsible for all of the beautiful wildflower displays you can see along our country's interstate highways and in other public areas. She used to say, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

Imagine if you were like these people. But instead of planting flowers or apple trees, let's say you favored dropping popcorn for ants, small mammals and other creatures to enjoy. Everywhere you go, you could drop popcorn fluffs, one after the other.

Question: If you dropped popcorn fluffs from New York City to Los Angeles, how many popped popcorn kernels would you leave behind?

Scroll to below the photograph to see the answer.

Answer: While you would please every ant, mouse, rat and dog along the way with your fluffy trail, it would take at least 352,028,160 popcorn kernels to reach from New York to Los Angeles. That's a lot of popcorn!

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