Snowflakes and Mushrooms, Oh My!

Most people assume that all corn can be popped. That is not true. Popcorn is a specialized strain of corn and the only type of corn that can pop.

There are two types of popcorn. One is called snowflake. Snowflake is what you find in movie theaters or at a sports arena. So if you ever wondered why your popcorn does not cook as big and fluffy as the movie theater's, you are likely not cooking snowflake popcorn.

Mushroom popcorn is the second type. These produce smaller, tighter fluffs when popped. While they may not look as fluffy as their snowflake counterparts, mushroom popcorn holds some flavorings better and does not crumble like snowflake would when candy coated.

Jody’s Popcorn is made using mushroom popcorn. Whether you choose Old Fashioned Kettle Corn, Breast Cancer Research Pink Kettle Corn, Big City Mix, Double Cheddar, Cheesy Jalapeno and other fluffy flavors, or you go for some of our candy coated corn delights, mushroom popcorn holds all of the flavor onto each bite.

Now when you eat popcorn, you will know whether you are eating snowflakes or mushrooms!

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