Halloween Treats

For Halloween, most of us are wondering what we should provide for trick-or-treaters, classroom functions, office parties and other events surrounding this much-loved holiday. Of course, one can resort to the typical packaged candies and sweets. But why succumb to serving anything ordinary?

Jody’s Popcorn is a fantastic treat for every event related to Halloween, whether serving children, professionals or neighbors. Everyone loves popcorn and Jody’s is delicious and healthier than other types of Halloween fare. It is also available in bulk volumes to fit into whatever type of container or hand-out portion you need.

Instead of resorting to chocolate bars, hard candies and other treats hard on the teeth and tummy, consider the nutritional value of popcorn, as well as its much-loved flavor. Jody’s Popcorn offers so many different flavors that there is certainly something for everyone in your haunted hamlet.

Buy several 4.5 cup bags of Jody’s Popcorn and portion into zip baggies or decorative containers to provide your guests or door knockers with flavor options. Of course, individual serving bags are perfect for grabbing-and-going, especially since they are available in quantities of 24 bags in one easy click.

For larger crowds or busy neighborhoods, buy a 125-cup box to spread gourmet love at a reduced cost and by the handful.

Parents of trick-or-treating children will appreciate the more healthful nature of your treats, while children will love the flavor so much there will be no tricks or spells committed against you!

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