Popcorn and Movie Picks


It’s popcorn time!

It is also our favorite time of the month for movies, when Netflix has announced which motion pictures will be premiering on its streaming service in the upcoming weeks. So you better get that bowl, bag or tin of Jody’s Popcorn ready. You’ve got some major movie watching to do!

Family Flicks and Popcorn Picks

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)

Who doesn’t love a yellow dish sponge who walks, talks and trips the world fantastic in a pair of equally fantastic shorts? SpongeBob is always a favorite for the kids. Moms and Dads find little nuances throughout for a quick chuckle. Nothing beats hearing the kids giggle out loud in between popcorn crunches, especially if they are enjoying one of our Healthier Choices like Movie Style Popcorn or Sugar Free Caramel. But we think SpongeBob would choose Peanut Butter or Toffee.

Home (2015)

Perfect for a family united by a wide screen and a bowl of their favorite Jody’s Popcorn flavor, Home is a fun Pixar movie about a girl named Tip, her cat named Pig and an alien called “O.” There is a solid mix of kid-level humor with adult innuendo and pop culture references, just as you would expect from anything Pixar develops. This one keeps everyone in the family engaged.

Because this film is so colorful and brightly entertaining, we suggest some Christmas Candy Corn or Double Cheddar Jody’s Popcorn as the accompaniment.

For the Grownups

Dior and I (2014)

While many people who do not care about the fashion world might balk at the idea of watching a documentary movie about fashion, this is a triumphant award-winning story of a sort of dark horse running for the finish. Following new artistic director Raf Simons as he must measure up to Dior’s incredibly impeccable standards and haute couture reputation creates movie magic.

This film has hope, tension, climactic triumph and all of the colorful beauty you would expect from the House of Dior. This isn’t necessarily a movie about clothing or such material things. It is about human spirit.

Human spirit always goes great with a bowl of Recipe 53 from Jody’s Popcorn, the flavor that started it all.

Anna Karenina (2012)

A literary classic, Anna Karenina is brought to your flat screen with Keira Knightley and Jude Law providing beautiful profiles at which to gaze. This period piece about the scandalous love affair between a Russian Imperial minister’s wife and a count ensures romance, drama, beautiful scenes and luxurious costumes. All of these are perfect for enjoyment of some Movie Style popcorn or a slightly spicy Cheesy Jalapeno, interspersed with some decadent Chocolate Drizzle or Chocolate Drizzled Cupid Corn.

Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

Now that cuteness, triumph and romance have conquered your HD screen, it is time for some serious impact. Rory Kennedy is a producing director who can be relied upon for jam-packed, informative and highly engaging documentary exploration of serious subjects. This film about the last weeks of the Vietnam War is gripping in its honest depiction as most Americans have yet to experience from standard news reels and other footage. Yes, it is emotional and raw as you would expect of anything about Vietnam. But an Oscar nomination proves Kennedy produced a brilliant piece worth watching.

Because it is a serious subject shifting from one emotion to another, we recommend this film be accompanied by Jody’s Old Fashioned Kettle Corn. With kettle corn you do not have to pick sweet or savory. As with any political subject matter, sometimes you need to walk the line between the two to decide which side strikes you most.


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