POPPING off to college this fall?

Here are some of Jody’s POPular space saving ideas for the dorm room…


  1. Repurpose a popcorn tin- You can send your student off with Jody’s collegiate popcorn tin filled with eight bags of assorted gourmet popcorn. The 3 gallon tin can be reused as a dorm room trash can or a storage bin for toiletries, supplies or other late night snacks.


  1. Raise your bed- You can loft your bed or use bed risers to make more space underneath for a desk, futon or storage.


  1. Maximize closet space- Use hanging closet organizers and thin felt hangers to add more

      space in the closet. Add a double closet rod for additional room.


  1. Storage furniture- Use storage items that double as furniture. An ottoman or trunk can

     provide seating or a great place to stash late night snacks of Jody’s popcorn.


  1. Hanging Shower caddy- This versatile storage item can be hung with command hooks on

    on the wall to store school supplies and 1oz snack bags of Jody’s gourmet popcorn.