Popcorn Around the World

China: Street vendors use an interesting method to pop their corn. This method is believed to have been created during the Song dynasty! Some affectionately call it "The Popcorn Cannon."

Corn kernels are poured into a cast-iron canister that is sealed with a heavy lid and slowly turned over a fire. Rotisserie style! A pressure gauge determines that it has reached the right level, then a large canvas sack is put over the lid and the seal is released.

Watch this video, where you can see a Chinese vendor putting heated kernels in a large metal container and then releasing the pressure. There is a huge BOOM– all of the popcorn explodes at once. 

While this method makes quite a show in the streets, it is ok to prefer a little less excitement in our lives. But if you happen to be in China and see one of these, don't be alarmed! It'll only take a few seconds after the boom for the delicious smell of popcorn to reach you.