Mother's Day Gift Idea!


Can you believe Mother’s Day is this weekend? I don’t know about you, but I am always giving my mom the same gifts. Gift cards, gift cards, oh and flowers! Yes, mom loves a gift card to her favorite spa and restaurant and a bouquet of flowers, but I think it's time to add an element of surprise this year.

Jody’s Popcorn actually has the perfect gift! A gift box filled with four bags of Jody’s delicious popcorn, including our signature Recipe53 Caramel Corn with a beautiful Happy Mother’s Day label on the front!

It will remind her of the times you used to cuddle up on the couch, eat popcorn and watch movies together. It will also remind her of why you're the sweetest child on Earth! Know how to make her gift even better? Add her favorite gift card in there too!

Jody's Mother's Day gift box is $21.95 and shipping is only $5.99. You can even ship it right to her house with a custom note attached! Easy for you, and a great treat for your mom!


CLICK HERE: Check out Jody's Mother's Day Gift Box!