Jody’s gourmet popcorn is a PERFECT 10 when it comes to flavor, and it comes in a useful TIN.

Order our gourmet popcorn packaged in a three gallon tin with your favorite college, NFL or MLB team. Our handsome all-purpose tins can be repurposed for multiple uses.



TEN ways to use your TIN


  1. Trash can- makes a great trash can for a dorm or kid’s room


  1. Snack storage- stash your pantry snacks in a decorative tin


  1. Crafts- a perfect place to store stickers, ribbon, paints or crayons


  1. Cleaning supplies- Organize your supplies and store tin in your laundry room


  1. Drum- a thrifty drum toy for a toddler


  1. Planter- your plants or herbs can show their team spirit


  1. Pet food storage- easy way to seal and store dog or cat food


  1. Time capsule - a perfect container to make a time capsule for your kids


  1. Gift tin- a creative way to wrap a gift


  1. Art project- upcycle the tin by spray painting, adding chalkboard paint, etc.