Happy New Years Eve!

Today is the final day of 2016!! Jody's Popcorn can reminisce on a great year– full of new flavors including Sweet & Sassy and our Tropical Treats flavors. 

New Years traditions vary across different countries. We decided it would be fun to compare some of the most interesting traditions!

In Denmark, you may find a pile of broken dishes in front of someone's door. People will throw dishes at their friends' doors. 

In China, they may celebrate their new year by painting their front doors red to symbolize good fortune. Additionally, it is tradition to have a great feast. 

In Brazil, a boat is filled with jewelry, flowers, and candles and set forth from the Rio de Janeiro. 

In Spain, at the strike of midnight, it is customary to eat a grape at each ring of the clock. 

In Germany, they drop molten lead into cold water. Whatever shape it forms tells a story of a prediction for the future.

In America, we celebrate by going to parties, feasting, and popping champagne at midnight. One of our most notable traditions is the ball drop in Times Square. This tradition began in 1907! 

How do you celebrate New Years? We hope every one fun and safe time tonight, and don't forget to stop by Jody's Popcorn for some last minute snacks!