Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Tastebud Explosion!

Jody’s four gourmet ideas for the fourth…


1.Sweet fireworks- Funfetti popcorn is a gourmet treat that reminds you of a firework display with its rainbow of colors and sweet candied coating. Serve the showstopper snack in a glass bowl or wrap in clear bags for Fourth of July party favors.


2.Patriotic drinks- Create a refreshing patriotic concoction by adding strawberries and blueberries to your favorite beverage.


3.Flavor explosion- Add a little spice to you party with Zesty Jalapeno popcorn. This cheesy coated popcorn has a Jalapeno kick that gives your tastebuds a little firework show.


4.Star spangled fruit and cheese- Use a cookie cutter to cut out star shapes in watermelon, cold cuts and cheese. Arrange on a platter with blueberries to create a festive red, white and blue theme.